New shortcuts and menu items available in MailToFile

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Thanks to your feedback, we we’re able to improve MailToFile. We’ve fixed a few issues and made the add-in a lot more efficient.

The highlights for the new release can be found below.

Version 4.26.82
The features mentioned in this article are available as from MailToFile version 4.26.82.

Polish translation updated

The Polish version of MailToFile has been updated and will now display even better translations. - introduced in 4.26.62

Improved Search in XL

MailToFile XL now has improved search functionality. - introduced in 4.26.67

Windows 64-bit shortcuts

Shortcuts have been added for 64-bit Windows machines. - introduced in 4.26.77

ManyToFile and Legacy menu items

You can now file multiple emails (ManyToFile) or rename filed emails (Legacy) from the MailToFile (Full) menu in Outlook 2010 and higher: new menu items have been added for ManyToFile and Legacy. - introduced in 4.26.82