Complete tools for archiving e-mail on SharePoint server and SharePoint online

Jules SchamineeNew Release

With this new release MailToFile has become the number 1 for saving e-mail on SharePoint:

  • Archive directly from the inbox;
  • Upon sending an e-mail MailToFile will prompt to choose the SharePoint folder where to save the e-mail you are sending AND the e-mail you are replying on!
  • Bulk archiving to SharePoint: complete Outlook folders (also public folders) can be moved to SharePoint;
  • Save e-mail to any SharePoint server, even if you have more than one SharePoint to archive on;
  • Marking e-mail to show the user the e-mail is already archived, including information about the SharePoint site used;
  • Automatic and unique file name convention which also ensures that one e-mail will only be saved once. Even when different employees all archive the same e-mail;

MailToFile for MS Outlook is easy to install on / distribute to a workstation, RDP Server, Citrix.

The whole company can immediately start archiving e-mail to SharePoint (https:// etc.).