Better permissions check, internal mail improvements and .NET Framework 3.5 in new MailToFile

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Thanks to your feedback, we we’re able to improve MailToFile. We’ve fixed a few issues and made the add-in a lot more efficient.

The highlights for the new release can be found below.

Version 4.28.4
The features mentioned in this article are available as from MailToFile version 4.28.4

Better internal email recognition

In the XL version, and email address can now be added to Company Domain Names to determine whether or not it's internal - introduced in 4.27.74

Dotnet Framework 3.5

The .NET Framework has been recompiled: upgrade from 2.0 to 3.5 - introduced in 4.28.0

Better permissions check

The permission check - when saving an email - has been greatly improved - introduced in 4.28.4