You can download our demo version below and try MailToFile for free!
The demo is similar to the official MailToFile version, with the following limitations:

  • Settings Reset

    After closing Outlook, most of the changed settings will not be kept, the next time you open Outlook you can change the settings again

  • Time Limited Features

    Several settings may be used for max 5 hours, after which the feature will be restored to default. You can change the settings again for this feature, for further evaluation.

  • ManyToFile is Disabled

    The ManyToFile feature, for archiving entire Outlook folders, including sub folders, is disabled.

  • Legacy is Disabled

    The Legacy feature, for renaming earlier archived emails to the MailToFile standard, is disabled.

Download MailToFile
If you’re on a computer/laptop, you can click here to download MailToFile instantly.
Then run ‘MailToFileInstall’.

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Other versions
Download version 32 bit MS Outlook
Download version 64 bit MS Outlook

License agreement (demo version)
The demo may be used for evaluation purposes only. A licence needs to be purchased after evaluation.

Order the Full version of MailToFile

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What our customers think of MailToFile

  • We have been using MailToFile for many years with great satisfaction. It is a quick and very user-friendly software that helps us organize our projects seemingly without any effort. In fact it is the thread that links all project communication and more than once has proven to be indispensable for our project management and archives.
  • Colleagues in our department have been using MailToFile for a while now and so I started using it as well. It’s very convenient to file important correspondation via email and making them available for other colleagues at the same time. MailToFile encourages you to keep your archive tidy. Erwin Krol - Refrigeration Design Engineer
  • For years we have been working with MailToFile within our department. MailToFile is the perfect tool to save your e-mail messages easily and quick, especially since most of the communication nowadays is by e-mail. With MailToFile we have an easy tool to keep track of our discussions and agreements in the end. By saving the messages in the way we do, these messages are accessible for all people working in our department, in that way everyone knows what the current state of affairs is regarding the projects we manage.Susanna Bicknell